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Muay Thai Live illustrates the exquisite combat art of Thai boxing, as an enthralling stage show that promises the most spectacular and one-of-a-kind experience – one that brings audiences closer to the truest art form of Thai boxing show. Muay Thai Live takes you back in time to experience the legend of Thai boxing from its history and its development, to become an art that protects the nation. The show simulates the real-life boxing ring which captures the original ambiance, and walks the audiences through different times of Thai boxing from its ancient time, the original form of Thai boxing to its imaginative version that has stood the test of time. Experience the original spirit of Thai boxing and enjoy a powerful, exquisite art performance under the production of Thailand’s top talents in Muay Thai.

This award-winning production is created and directed by Ekachai Uekrongtham, the critically-acclaimed director of the film Skin Trade (2014) starring Thai action star Tony Jaa, as well as Beautiful Boxer (2013) and the hit Singaporean musical play Chang & Eng – the Musical (2003).

Languages: English/Thai with English, Chinese, and Japanese subtitles

Show Time: 8pm from Tuesday – Sunday, no performance on Monday

Venue: The Stage, Asiatique The Riverfront

Duration: 45 minutes


1699, Kingdom of Ayutthaya: At a Temple Fair while the villagers are enjoying the festivities, a stranger appears. Who is he? Why does he exude so much charisma and demonstrate such kickboxing skills?
1767, the Kingdom of Ayutthaya lies in ruins after battling wars with fierce enemies. Many Thai soldiers are taken prisoners. Among them is a Siamese Warrior with unmatched skills in Muay Boran (the Ancient form of Thai Boxing). When unexpectedly released from his prison cell, he realizes he must defeat the barbaric killers before he can truly earn his freedom.
1773, War against enemies intensifies across the land. The best swordsmen are recruited for a final battle to protect the motherland. Led by General Pichai, the Revered Warrior of the Double Swords, the battle takes a dramatic turn when one of his swords is shattered. What happens when weapons are down and men are left with nothing but body and soul?
An illustration of the most dangerous techniques of the Ancient art of Muay Thai, which have not been performed in more than a century because they are too dangerous as a sport.
When the son of a police chief sees the girl he loves kidnapped by thugs seeking revenge for his father's actions in service of the Law, our Action Hero has no other choice but to bring out his other passion in life, Muay Thai, to the rescue.
From yesteryear until today, Muay Thai has evolved, changed and spread across the globe. But three things have remained as the essence of Muay Thai: Respect for Ancestors, Sacrifice for Families, and Upholding the Honor of the Country.
The program now includes MUAY THAI LIVE BOXING: WARRIOR RISING: two Thai Boxing matches with fighters selected by Muay Thai legend Grand Master Sane Tubthimtong. A unique double-feature program, MUAY THAI LIVE shows how the ancient and sacred art of Muay Thai has evolved into the most spectacular martial art in the world.


฿ 800.00 Open Hours 19:30-21:00

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: Open Hours 19:30-21:00
Maximum People: Unlimited
Location: Bangkok

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