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Book Thailand Holiday Packages – Thailand Holiday Package Tour Siam Highlights

Book Thailand Holiday Packages – Thailand Holiday Package Tour Siam Highlights

Thailand Holiday Package Tour

5 Places All Thailand Holiday Packages Must Have in Their Itinerary

A trip to Thailand is not something that you get to experience every day and if you are getting this once in a lifetime opportunity, then you must not miss some of the splendid places there.

Thailand offers hundreds of islands and metropolitan cities which fit into the taste and pocket of every traveler. Thailand offers you with many things to explore which includes national parks, ancient ruins, intact islands, modern cities, and the likes.

These incredible places will leave you desiring for more and the unmatchable experience will leave you with unforgettable memories. If you are looking for a Thailand Holiday Package Tour, then here is a list of five places, which you must include in itinerary at any cost

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  • Ayutthaya Historical Park

This park is counted as one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO and a treat for history and archeology lovers. This place was burned down by the Burmese forces and all the sacred shrines and statues of Buddha were put down by them. All those structures and monuments which survived the fire are still there and they form an archaeological park.

Ayutthaya forms an ideal place for a fresh morning visit and if you want to see the remains of the ancient Thailand culture. You must not miss the overgrown Buddha head behind the Mahathat Temple, which is one of major tourist attractions in Thailand.

  • Damneon Saduak Floating Market

Markets in Thailand are full of color and excitement and you must visit them if you want to experience the reflection of Thailand’s culture. The specialty of the floating market is the long-tailed boat and you can spend your time experiencing the morning delight. This marketplace is half an hour away from Bangkok and full of tasty cuisine, clothes, gifts, fresh produce, etc, and forms an incredible way of spending your time. You can enjoy the mouthwatering food like noodles, coconut pancakes, spring rolls, fresh food, etc there.

  • Chiangmai Sunday Night Walking Street

The fascinating nightlife of a Chiangmai and outstanding Buddhist temple are the center of attraction for the tourists here and made it renowned as ‘the rose of the north. It is a great shopping destination for shoppers who love to bargain, people can look for CD’s, jewelry, street food, Thai food, accessories, etc.

  • Tiger Kingdom

Tiger kingdom presents you with a chance of observing one of the nature’s incredible predators known as tigers. You will also get a chance of interacting with tigers of all ages, without any threat to your life. Because these tigers grow up among their keepers and that is why they learn to get close to the humans.

  • Chaing Rai White Temple

This temple is white as snow, very striking and one of the highlights of the tourist places in Thailand. The architecture of this temple is different from that of the traditional Buddhist temples and the artists there have depicted all the things in a way that symbolizes the pure nature of Lord Buddha.

So, make sure that your Thailand holiday package consists of all the above-mentioned places in its itinerary.

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