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Thailand Diving Tour

Thailand Diving Tour

Reasons to Start Your Diving Tour in Thailand

Starting your diving tour in Thailand, whether you are a first time or an experienced scuba divers. Thailand has much more to offer than what you have in your mind !!

A magnificent underwater world with beautiful corals and planktons are the special show of Thailand’s island nature. Few recommendations before you start booking or selecting a diving tour: From December to May are the best time for diving season in Thailand; in these period the waves aren’t too strong leaving the water crystal clear during these month. So why should we not go dive somewhere else but rather visit Thailand and experience it’s diving tour ? Here are the Reasons to start your diving tour in Thailand!

1.Affordable diving courses

Learn to scuba dive and earn an official PADI Diving License in Thailand for Open Water in just 3 days!! There is nothing to be worried about if you are a beginner or got no experience in diving at all, At the diving schools offered by Siam Highlights Tour & Travel has fully equipped courses accompanied by professional divers with years of experience. How to get started? Simply enroll in one of our best price guaranteed Open Water diving courses package and you can start learning !

Affordable Diving Tours in Thailand

2.Many beautiful dive site

Thailand is well known for its beautiful beaches and island hopping activities! In the heart of Southern Thailand, where all the stunning beaches & fantastic marine life are located. Just to make things easier for you; we have put together few best-picked scuba diving location in Thailand to help you with your travel itinerary

Phuket: Being one of the most well-known destination. It is also one of the place that would enhance your diving plans as well ! Just off few kilometers from the Island, The Similan Islands located within the National park, just here there are more than 20 diving sites where you can boast and explore around the sea life creature. The untouched waters, beautiful corals would blow up your mind fasten up your day which you never wished!

Koh Phi Phi: This would be your next visit 🙂 when coming from Phuket, simply take a ferry service around the area. The place are getting busier and busier day by day but it is still well known for its snorkeling day trips  and many resorts destination. Here you will find everything frorm rugged pinnacles, whale sharks sometimes or leopard sharks. It is worth a visit plus the location is really easy to get to Krabi as well

Koh Tao:  Koh Tao is the most well-known location for diving schools in Thailand but why ? Simply because its cheap and easy to get to especially from Bangkok, many transfers services are provided from Bangkok to Koh Tao because of its big diving community. This destination is also well known for its gentle currents and the water stay warm throughout the year!

3.Magnificent & Beautiful aqua marine life

Thailand’s is close to equator; the closer you get the more diverse marine life gets, Smooth hovering over colorful planktons, bunch of tropical and cute fishes or sharks! Many of the diving sites such as Koh Lanta; where the nature’s being untouched there are lots and lots of chance where you can spot grey sharks and manta rays. While diving don’t forget to see cute nemos floating and swimming around 🙂

Manta Rays Thailand

Why wait now? Enjoy the serenity that these destinations in Thailand has to offer. Book tour with us online we will provide you the best itinerary for your island visit and diving trip to Thailand

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