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Top 6 Attractions keys For Bangkok Sightseeing Tours

Top 6 Attractions keys For Bangkok Sightseeing Tours

Bangkok Sightseeing Tours

Bangkok is the heart of Thailand, the Land of Smiles. A place to enjoy a hi-tech throbbing exciting city on one side and a place with rich history steeped in architectural marvels on the other side, Bangkok is a place for every person to find a reason to make a memorable visit. A day trip will take you to amazing and breathtaking sea beaches and a night life which will not let you sleep.

Check Out the Key Attractions for Sightseeing tour of Bangkok

Grand Palace
A palace which speaks of history, grandeur and prosperity in the heart of the city is something that can’t be missed. Glistening in golden color with intricate architectural craftsmanship, the palace gives an insight into Thailand’s royal life.

Emerald Budhha or Wat Phra Kaeo

Located in the Grand Palace, the Emerald Budhha is another attraction not to be missed for the longest murals in the world and the fine sculptures of mythological animals and giants.

The Reclining Budhha / Wat Pho/ Wat Phra Chetuphon

The oldest and biggest temple in Bangkok with the highly revered massive Reclining Budhha is something everybody loves to visit and click pictures with. Renowned also for being the first Open University in Thailand along with being the best traditional Thai massage school, this is a popular attraction to visit. Contact Bangkok Sightseeing Tours.

The Temple of the Golden Budhha or Wat Traimit

The 700 year old world’s largest Budhha statue made with a solid precious material is housed in this temple. The statue was discovered in 1955 which is 3 meters tall and 5.5 ton in weight.

Dream World
An amusement park for everybody, this is a place where you can take a break to enjoy with your family.

Safari World
A place for excitement and fun the Safari World is the greatest open zoo in Thailand. contact for bangkok sightseeing tours.

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