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Things you need to know before planning a vacation to Thailand

Things you need to know before planning a vacation to Thailand


Backpacking Thailand Itinerary

Let me begin with one of our guest’s personal experience.. Before he visited here, he had been asking his colleagues, friends, family, relatives for tips and recommendation about Thailand and why should he go there…

1. Thai Food

Don’t miss delicious Thai Food.. off course a vacation is boring without good food..

Let me tell you this.. once had never forgotten. The street food by the road, Small shophouse and also good rating restaurants.. Affordable or let’s say Cheap Food is one of the reason to why not visit Thailand. Recommended Dishes are Tom yum kung and Krapao Kai. Wake up abit early and walk down from your hotel to visit a small market nearby and get Khao Niew Moo Ping (bbq pork with sticky rice)

2. Beautiful Heritage and Culture

The architecture of Thailand is beautiful! It represents the countries culture along with their religious beliefs. The often ornately designs which are all handcrafted is a sight to see when in the country. Just as you land.do not forget to do some temple tours in Bangkok
Few of the Recommended Places are Wat Phra Kaew, What Pho, Wat Arun by the river (sunset here is just perfect!). Ayutthaya, 1 hr away from Bangkok, the most historical province of Thailand, you can also visit by booking a private day trip with a private transfer service

3. Mind Blowing Beach Destinations

If you are looking to spend your private trip or honeymoon travels by the sea.Definitely Thailand is the perfect choice you are looking for. Thailand is blessed with some of the most amazing natural treasures imaginable and is a holiday destination that cuts across any age, class, gender or other cultural divide. Few of the beach that you must visit are
Ko Nang Yan at Koh Tao, Naiharn , Patong , Kata Karon Beach at Phuket, Krabi, Phi phi islands and many more.. The best thing you could do while spending your time at these destination is to go snorkeling / speed boat island day trip or take a scuba diving course because you can’t find cheaper or better dive experience anywhere else in Asia.

4. Hardcore Partying Experiences (THE BUCKETS)

Thailand is known for its sometimes insane party culture. Not as much with locals, but mostly with the backpackers and tourists that visit. One of the most advertised and popular drinks in the party scene is something called a bucket. It’s basically just a really big and really strong mixed drink. These can be made with a variety of things, but usually their made with whiskey and coke or vodka and red bull. If you are in Bangkok and looking to experience night life make sure to visit Khaosan Road whereas if you are looking for a more luxury night life experience. Bangkok has loads of Bars on Sky, some of the recommended places are Lebua State Tower , Vertigo Banyan Tree, Above 11 and more… It’s the city that never sleeps!

5. Try to avoid Animal Tourism.

Thailand’s national animal are the Elephants, I am sure many of you have heard that Elephant Trekking is a must to do tour..

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